Weekend vacation

This weekend I had the opportunity to take some time out and just relax.  I actually was able to travel a little ways to Hot Springs, AR with a couple guys that I lead in a small mentor group.  It was truly an enjoyable and relaxing weekend on the lake.  If you’ve never been to Hot Springs, I encourage you to look into going soon.  I was able to take advantage of the beauty of God’s creation through the mountains and the lakes and even the hot springs.  It truly was an enjoyable time in a great place and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to get away for the weekend.  We found a really great hotel on a lake that we were able to stay at.  It was great, we would open up the back door and walk 5 feet and be in the lake!  It was truly a remarkable place.

On the drive over we kept seeing all these spectacular thunderheads and flashes of lightning in the distance.  The drive for us was pretty smooth, we even drove part of it with the top down, but we could tell just by looking that there was some pretty fierce storms happening off in the distance.  As the storms kept beating down onto the horizon, I began to think about the people at the bottom of those storms and how they must be running for cover trying to get out of the rain or else frantically parking their cars in the garage to avoid the hail and here I was just crusin down the highway with my top down enjoying the clear night with all the stars in full view.  Something that came to mind was how that seems to happen alot in my life…..if things aren’t crazy in my life I tend not to think about how others might in turmoil or living in chaos, the thoughts don’t normally come to my mind and even if they, what can I really do?  I’m sure you find yourself with those thoughts from time to time as well.  Something I think of though, is that I don’t always realize how blessed I really am to have our heavenly Father watching closely over me as I walk through any storms.  I am so thankful for His protection and for the opportunities available to really just enjoy His creation and the things that He has set before me.  I challenge you today to find the joy that is in God’s creation around you in your daily life.

God Speed



One response to “Weekend vacation

  1. Hot Springs! Maybe I’ll take my wife their one day. How far away is it?

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